Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Homemade presents for a sweet friend.

A homemade card, a brooch, a hairpin, some earrings and a bangle.
I met one of my greatest friends when I was 12. I had started year 7 and I did not like it, I had trouble making friends and when asked what I did on the weekend, I never admitted that I had been gardening because that just wasn't very 'cool'. Until Sweeda came along, someone who I could be completely open with. As Anne Shirley, from Anne of Green Gables would say, we were 'kindred spirits'. 

However, when we were 15, Sweetpea moved away to England, we have not seen each other since, except for on skype and we have maintained our long distance friendship for almost 10 years now. No matter how far away she is, I still consider her as being my kindred spirit. So, after not sending a birthday gift for a few years now, this year, I needed to get my act together to create something special. 

I made:
- a card using an old book I found from a library throw out. It contains some great pics and these can so easily be turned into cards. Super easy to do, just find a picture you like, cut it out and stick it onto some cardboard. Wallahh...homemade card!
- hair pin, using a bobby pin, some felt and an old button.
- a brooch, using some felt and embroidering skills-something which i don't really have or have never learnt, just something i have kind of just made up as i have gone along.
- some earrings - easy to make, using some beads, earring hooks etc
- a bangle, using an old bangle and some recycled wrapping paper. 
- a garland, using pictures from an old picture book I found. Look for pictures you like and cut out circles in all different shapes and sizes. I laminated the circles so that they can last longer. Use a hole puncher to make holes to thread through string...this is one of my fave things...a super easy little gift to give. 

I like to have a theme to my garland. These pictures were from  a book about birds. I have previously made myself one with a farm theme. 

I like to include cut-outs of text as well as pictures. 

Close up of garland. This one is to be hung vertically. 

I love you sweetpea. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I hope we can meet up soon. You always have a special place in my heart. 


  1. I loved every single one of it! :) the best thing I received it in the morning which just totally made my day. You are a great friend too meggie, someone I felt comfortable with in a whole new country and environment for me.Love you lots!!!!

  2. What lovely gifts, great imagination.