Monday, 13 August 2012

A day at the gardens

I love the botanical gardens in Sydney. It is one of my favourite places in this sometimes hectic city, with great views over the harbour. If you are going to live in or near a city, I think Sydney is one of the best, as there are so many great, FREE things to do here, and you can usually count on the weather being pretty bloody good, even in the wintertime...(see below!)

My mum always brought me here as a kid, and then once I was old enough to catch the train alone (about 13) I used to venture in here alone or with a friend, to wander, imagine, draw, take photos and to feel inspiration, mostly in regards to creating my very own garden one day. 

On this particular day out, I felt inspired by the gardens' vegetable and native bush tucker food garden. I gained a lot of inspiration from their plants and design, not only for my current garden, but for a garden that I will one day have when I own my own home. I also learnt heaps, like you can eat Lomandra and Sydney rock lily...I had no idea!

Rock lily (dendrobium speciosum), the starchy stems were eaten raw by Gadigal people or after roasting them over hot coals. I have a huge rock lily in my front yard and am tempted to try!

Native raspberry. This plant is prickly but grown out of the way, as it is here in the gardens can be a great addition. I am very tempted to look into buying one. 

Warrigal greens or native spinach is a prolific groundcover. I don't have any in my garden but I think might introduce some soon, especially as a great addition to spinach pies and frittatas. 

This beautiful hardenbergia is coming into bloom, and adds colour to this eucalypt. In my own garden I have a hardenbergia climbing up through a Geraldton wax and when the two are in flower, the site is absolutely beautiful Hardenbergia's are a climbing plant and bear a very pretty and dainty purple flower from now until summer. They are a great addition to any type of garden. 

Spring is in the air...

After feeling a lot of frustration with my possum problem this winter, it was great to get some ideas and inspiration into how to help stop the problem.

Some very healthy Kale...

What a beautiful and perfect tree...the tuckeroo.