Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Spring has well and truly sprung

Oh deary me, it has been sometime since I have posted anything. Between a 4 week placement for uni, assignments, work etc etc I have been very slack indeed. However, now that Spring has arrived, I am super excited, pretty much because the warmer weather means that plants are just growing like crazy! I couldn't believe it, once we had a couple of warm days, my silverbeet shot right up and so did everything else. I am very pleased with how things are going in the garden.

Bees are just going crazy for the Lavender and other flowers in the garden. I love to have a lot of companion flowers in the garden, not only because they look really pretty but the bees love them, and they will help to pollinate some of my summer veg. 

Beautiful new growth of my fig tree

Nasturtiums do tend to take over a little, so if you don't want this, than keep an eye on them, however, they are a lovely contribution to the veggie garden, they sprawl all over the place, they have a pretty flower, they are edible and super easy to grow from seed. 

These corn seedlings have been growing like crazy. This is my first attempt at corn so it is more an experiment than anything, and if I get something out of it, well fantastic! I did an order with the Diggers Club and so these corn seedlings were grown from super easy! Corn is a summer crop and so far, it has been very easy to get growing.

 I use these old birdcages to stop possums from eating my crop. I have parsley, silverbeet and other salad greens growing here. I still cannot get over how crazy they have gone now that the weather has warmed up.Give them some liquid fertiliser and they are as happy as leafy greens could be!

Last year, my garlic went so well, so I decided to plant triple the amount. I cannot wait to see how this year's organic garlic goes. To me, home grown garlic is one of the most excited and satisfying crops to grow in the  home garden. 


  1. Nice time of year isnt it! Love the colour of your nasturiums and I have to steal your bird cage protector idea. The uni year will be over soon.

  2. Thanks ladies. Bird cages are the only way that I can grow parsley and leafy greens. The nastirtiums are a variety from Diggers club I think. I like the orange but I love the red even more.
    Finally, the heat has just made everything shoot up. The corn has gone crazy over the last couple of weeks. It is my first time growing it and I look forward to seeing how it goes.