Thursday, 2 February 2012

So much rain...

Is this supposed to be Summer or what? Apparently. The constant rain and cloudy weather has given me such a poor crop of tomatoes that I was forced to pull some bushes out the other day to make way for a planting of green manure (fava beans). However, I am not complaining. I rather do enjoy the rain, how can one not? It is great for the garden and the bush. There is one slight problem. If it rains, I can’t work and if I can’t work, I don’t get paid. Now, there is a good and bad side to this because sometimes  it is rather nice having a sleep in on a rainy morning . BUT I am a person that needs to be doing something and so what does busy bee such as myself do on a rainy day when I cannot work and when I cannot garden? I GET CRAFTING. Pretty much my second favourite hobby after gardening and bush regen.
Here are some pieces I have been busy working away at:

Making garlands out of old, recycled picture books.
This one has a farm inspired theme...

I picked up these fairtrade beads from Etelage on King St Newtown

Some garden inspired felt crafts
This is blatant copying from my own sister who makes bookmarks and cards out of old pictures. I picked up this picture book on growing wheat from an excursion to The Bower in Marickville. 

A crown for my nephew Oscar's upcoming 2nd birthday; he just loves playing dress ups!

So need some crafty inspiration for a wet weekend. Get to it...there is nothing better than a homemade gift. 


  1. Meg! I love the felt crafts!! Especially Oscar's crown and the garden inspired images - did you make those? Check out "Kid's Crafternoon: Sewing" and "Kid's Crafternoon: Papercraft" by Kathreen Ricketson for some ideas! :)

  2. Thanks Danielle...I did :-) I love felt crafts. Thanks for the tip...I am always looking for new ideas and inspirations.