Monday, 5 March 2012

My favourite season...Autumn.

Autumn to me is the most beautiful time of the year in Sydney. For the first time in months, I finally saw the light change and the crispness in the air was so refreshing. Finally I may be able to start spending whole days in the garden again. Unlike in Summer when one must spend evenings gardening by sunset (the coolest part of the day). Or like loony me you could stay out past sunset and garden with a head torch on. 

Autumn is a time for harvesting the end of the summer crop. I must say, I was pretty disappointed with some of my summer crop this season. All this rain and humidity cause my zucchini's to perish from powdery mildew, lack of heat prevented my waltham butternuts from flowering and my tomatoes were all a bit too sad as well. However, my capsicum, eggplant and basil have done really well and I am so pleased. If one is still managing to get zucchini's, cucs, pumpkins, eggplants etc don't forget an application of potash helps the fruit to come along well and ripen nicely.

I have a beautiful forest of basil. The smell is intoxicating. I love having a HUGE crop of basil...a staple in our kitchen to make pesto and add to tomato sauces amongst other things. The bees love the flowers and the garden is a buzz with bees. 

Eggplants beginning to ripen. I have been adding applications of potash to help them fruit and ripen. 
The beautiful zinnia strikes a pose. Zinnia is a summer annual. I sow seed anytime from September when the weather starts to warm up and is a staple for any summer garden. 
Red cabbage can be easily grown from seed or seedling and for most of the year round. 


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